Blue Jeans Cable Ten White Speaker Cable, with Welded Locking Bananas, 15 Foot (Single Cable - for one Speaker); Assembled in The USA

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Blue Jeans Cable Ten White Speaker Cable With Welded Locking Bananas 15 Foot Single Cable For One Speaker Assembled In The Usa

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Blue Jeans Cable Ten White Speaker Cable, with Welded Banana Plugs, 15 foot

At Blue Jeans Cable, we were never happy with the conventional methods of attaching speaker cable to banana plugs. Setscrews are fine, but lack pull strength; compression connections are never as strong as they look like they're going to be; and solder, on large high-mass connectors, is slow going and tends to cause a lot of insulation meltback. Our solution: ultrasonic welding. Our Sonobond Ultrasonic Welder (made in West Chester, PA) welds the copper wire to the brass banana plug body without the excessive heat associated with conventional welding, fusing copper to brass in a tight, strong, low-resistance, reliable connection.

Quality Parts for Quality Connection

We use our own 10 AWG cable stock, manufactured for us in Monticello, KY by Belden Wire & Cable -- this cable has a 65-strand construction for high flexibility, and is encased in a white PVC jacket. To this cable we weld our custom-made weldable banana plugs, designed specifically to maximize weld surface area for high weld strength. These are "locking" banana plugs -- the plug end consists of four splines, and advancing the locking collar around the connector spreads these splines, allowing you to tighten the connection once the banana is in the binding post and avoid plugs being accidentally tugged out.

Blue Jeans Cable -- Professional Cable Assembly in the USA

We assemble these cables at our shop in Seattle, Washington, where we also make a wide variety of quality video, audio and data cables for the home theater and professional markets. Browse our product listings here to see more.

- 10 AWG, 65 strand copper speaker cable: Blue Jeans Cable Ten White
- WELDED connections -- yes, welded, not soldered -- for maximum pull strength and minimum contact resistance
- Terminated in our Seattle shop on our Sonobond Ultrasonic Welder
- Locking-type banana plugs; loosen the collar to insert or remove, advance it to secure it in the binding post
- NOTE: this is a single cable, to wire one speaker. If you need a pair, be sure to order two.

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Blue Jeans Cable Ten White Speaker Cable, with Welded Locking Bananas, 15 Foot (Single Cable - for one Speaker); Assembled in The USA
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